Women’s Resistance in Kashmir explores the manifold experiences of existing and resisting for Kashmiri women. This exhibition brings together works from nine Kashmiri artists that span various mediums, including oil painting, video, and sculpture. Working from themes of gender, violence, memory, loss, and selfhood, Women’s Resistance in Kashmir proposes a radical turn from the binary of agency versus victimhood, instead asserting Kashmiri women’s narratives are complex, multidimensional experiences. Each artist depicts a unique relationship between the personal and the political […]... Read More
In commemoration of Kashmiri women’s resistance day and as a part of ZW’s commitment to bringing attention to Kashmiri women’s struggles, we are pleased to announce our forthcoming project titled, ‘Women’s Resistance in Kashmir’. This project is in collaboration with the International Women’s Alliance and Stand with Kashmir and will culminate in a virtual art exhibition and a panel discussion. This project invites works of art from Kashmiri women that consider questions about, but not limited to, gender, society, culture, […]... Read More
On February 23rd, ZW will host a day long event to commemorate Kashmiri Women’s Resistance day. We invite 10 Kashmiri women to join us for an informal group discussion on the politics of remembrance and memory vis-a- vis the significance of the day and women’s resistance in Kashmir. We will also hold a close reading of excerpts from the book ‘Do you remember Kunan Poshpora?’ The event will conclude with a workshop on research and feminist methodologies. This event will […]... Read More