Strengthening Feminist Action (SFA)

As a part of ZW’s effort of on-ground women’s organizing, the Strengthening Feminist Action (SFA) programme is a year-long project to consolidate women’s activism and advocacy work in Kashmir. This will be conducted through a series of mentorship and training programmes with a cohort of 20-25 Kashmiri women (above 18 years of age). The mentorship comprises of capacity building workshops, seminars, presentation, etc. aimed at familiarizing young women to the world of feminist advocacy, regionally and across the globe. The SFA programme aims to create a strong network of Kashmiri women-led initiatives based on both individual and collective action.

As a part of the programme, the cohort will also be familiarized with the global feminist grant- making ecosystems and other opportunities of sustaining this form of work on-ground even beyond the scope of this pilot project. The programme will prioritize developing capacities of local women and girls- a transformative framework that focuses on sustainability, solidarity, and movement building through collective action. This program will identify the discriminatory practices and the impact of militarization on women through evidence collection, documentation, and analysis as well as map out a plan of action to engage with the local, regional, and global civil society.

General Agendas:

▪ Introduction to feminist and decolonial theory/practice.
▪ Producing and platforming scholarship, creative and artistic work by Kashmiri women.
▪ Working on theme-based projects such as GBV, public health, climate crisis and militarization.
▪ Forging alliances and collaborating with transnational feminist, resistance, and movements.
▪ Fostering a culture of women’s organized activism and advocacy.
▪ Hosting film screenings, discussions, seminars, workshops, trainings, etc.