About Us

Zanaan Wanaan started as an amorphous conversation among sisters and friends about Kashmir, an attempt to untangle our lived realities as Kashmiri women. Today, this platform stands for exactly the two words that have become it’s titular identification, ‘Zanaan Wanaan’ (Kashmiri words for), ‘women speak’.

In an attempt to take conversations amongst ourselves a step further, we are building ZW as an independent Kashmiri feminist multi-media platform. We cover everything from personal to public subjects that affect Kashmiri women, all of which we believe is inherently political as well.

We recognise that this integration stands on the shoulders of countless Kashmiri women who have, and continue to, bear the brunt of the oppressions that they are subjected to. We take inspiration from their (extra)ordinary resilient struggles. This is why ZW envisions new possibilities of nuanced conversations on issues that matter to Kashmir and therefore, to Kashmiri women.

What we do: 

Zanaan Wanaan is an experimental platform that will contribute meaningfully towards expanding the boundaries of traditional imagination of conflict and life in Kashmir by actively facilitating, amplifying, and advocating for women’s involvement in socio-political discourse.

We are a cross-section of art, academia, media and activism. We produce original work in the form of bi-annual issues. These issues are thematic collections of works of Kashmiri women from diverse backgrounds in the form of academic articles, narrative essays, investigative reports, auto-ethnographic accounts, interviews, artworks, photo-essay, video stories, and more.

What we want: 

Our goal is simple and straightforward: bringing Kashmiri women’s narratives to the forefront. Through Zanaan Wanaan, we want women to be able to question every status quo that interferes with the personal and/or public safeties of Kashmiris. All in all, we want to upset anyone who has become too comfortable with our oppression.