About Us

Zanaan Wanaan (ZW) is an independent Kashmiri feminist collective.

Zanaan Wanaan are Kashmiri words for ‘women speak.’ ZW engages in feminist activism on the ground, produces independent scholarship, supports creative work, and works towards strengthening the women’s movement in Kashmir. ZW’s action-research based approach is rooted in the commitment to upholding principles of peace, equality, and justice.

We also work on building transnational feminist solidarities, forging alliances and creating cross-movement conversations.

Areas of focus:

  • Producing independent scholarship
  • Engaging in feminist activism and advocacy
  • Promoting civil discourse
  • Encouraging critical inquiry
  • Supporting and platforming Kashmiri women cultural practitioners
  • Fostering creative expression

What We Do:

ZW is a cross-section of art, academia, media and activism.

Our work facilitates, amplifies and advocates for women’s involvement in socio-political discourse. We publish original works in the annual issues in the ZW Journal. These issues are thematic collections of works by Kashmiri women from diverse backgrounds in the form of academic articles, narrative essays, investigative reports, auto-ethnographic accounts, interviews, artworks, photo-essays, video stories, and more.

We are a network of women on ground and across the world working collaboratively on interdisciplinary projects ranging from gender based violence, peace and security, climate crisis, public health, and so on.

ZW is focussed on women and youth-led activist action through critical initiatives required to build and sustain social change. We support/produce creative and artistic expression for civic action and information dissemination.

In addition to this, we conduct capacity-building workshops, film-screenings, provide skill-based training programmes and also introductory courses on research and methodologies to young women as a part of our grassroots collective action.

In Media:

Zanaan Wanaan: Abolitionist Feminism in Kashmir, Asia Art Tours, September 29, 2021.

Transnational Feminism and Collective Liberation, Black Women Radicals and AMBA, June 16, 2021.

Women Speak: Cyber Ethnographic Discussions on Resistance, Gender and Power in Kashmir, Digitalising Activisms, Navigating Justice, Department of Gender Studies, 10, June.2021.

Media, Authoritarianism & Resistance in South Asia. Sussex Centre for Cultural Studies and South Asia Solidarity Group, 18, May. 2021.

Introduction to the Past and Present History of Kashmir: Zanaan Wanaan. Université Paris 8: Transglobal Studies, 7, March. 2021.

Kashmiri Women’s Songs of Resistance. LSE Blogs, 23, Feb. 2021.

Kashmir’s Creative Feminist InsurrectionNew Frame, 27, August. 2020.

Women on Loss and Dispossession in Kashmir: A Webinar. Indian Cultural Forum, 4, Nov. 2020.

Zanaan Wanaan Release Kashmiri Bella Ciao. Kashmir Lit, 2020.

Kashmiri Bella Ciao — An Exclusive Interview with Zanaan WanaanInverse Journal, 29, April. 2020.

Listen: The Kashmiri Version of Protest Song ‘Bella Ciao’, Written ‘in Aftermath of August 5, 2019’. Scroll.in, 24, Feb. 2020.

Get in Touch:

Email: info@zanaanwanaan.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zanaanwanaan/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zwkashmir

Twitter: https://twitter.com/zanaanwanaan

Submission Guidelines:

If your head is full of ideas, write to us. We seek your nuanced thoughts as well as reluctant propositions.

Please note that while there are no strict guidelines for submission, however, we encourage critical works that address substantive decolonial and feminist questions, debates and controversies without employing disciplinary or academic jargon.

We encourage pitches from Kashmiri women first and foremost. We want to build an environment of facilitating various forms of expression among Kashmiri women. Therefore, if you need support to build on an idea, we will provide whatever help we can in our capacity. However, we want to clarify that we will not publish or encourage any materials that go against our editorial policy.

For pitches/submissions write to editor@zanaanwanaan.com

For general inquiry/feedback write to info@zanaanwanaan.com


Public Announcement 15 August, 2020