Episode Two: Law

In the second episode of The Zanaan Wanaan Podcast, we discuss Law as an academic discipline in the context of Kashmir. With a focus on human rights law and international law, this episode addresses the nexus between law and power, the need for evidence based research in this discipline, the importance of documentation for advocacy purposes, the challenges associated with redressal mechanisms and building institutionalised memory through law in Kashmir. For this episode, we were joined by three brilliant students and researchers from the field:

Misbah Reshi is a law student at Campus Law Centre, University of Delhi and a graduate from St. Stephen’s College. Misbah has contributed to various reports focusing on minority rights in India and human rights violation in Kashmir. She was recently awarded the Rhodes Scholarship, and will be applying to read the Bachelor of Civil Law at Oxford University.

Adeela Firdous has graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Kashmir in 2020. She is currently working as a Law and Advocacy officer with a Delhi based organisation, Citizen Against Hate (Misaal). As an independent researcher, she has also presented two papers on the working of Laws in Kashmir at the Association of Asian Studies (AAS), USA supported by the grant of Henry Luce Foundation.

Zarka Shabir is currently a second year law student at Harvard Law School, Massachusetts, USA. She was born and raised in Srinagar and spent most of her life in Rawalpora. Zarka is interested in International Law and Human Rights.

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