The Zanaan Wanaan Podcast – Trailer

The Zanaan Wanaan Podcast series deliberates conversations about academic disciplines and delves into the dynamic nature of research and work conducted by Kashmiri women. The first season of the podcast which will be released on April 1, 2021, is a culmination of a powerhouse of about 30 Kashmiri women students, researchers and practitioners across 9 academic disciplines. The speakers, who form a global network spread across continents and time zones, have connected together to create an online reservoir of Kashmiri women working in different fields such as Law, Economics, Media, STEM, Anthropology, English Literature, Psychology, Political Science and History. These discussions address the relevance of each discipline in the context of work on Kashmir- human rights/advocacy/research/ policies etc. The overall approach of each conversation is to lay a trail for prospective Kashmiri students who might be interested in pursuing the discipline.

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